Thursday, April 2, 2009

LEAKED! X-Men Origins Wolverine

As most of you may or may not know, there is a copy of the X-Men Origins Wolverine making its rounds on the internet. Word around the campfire say this is a Workprint and is VERY good quality. If you're not in the know of what a Workprint is, it's an unfinished loosely edited version of the film which is usually used for screening purposes or to show the big wigs how their money is being spent and or wasted on.

It's also said that this copy has like many Workprint films CGI markers. Basically what this means is you'll actually see parts of the film that are supposed to have special effects but instead there will be shots of basically "Put stuff here" flags. There have been talks of re-shoots and added scenes and this copy is NOT supposed to reflect that. This is supposed to be 14 minutes shorter than the final cut of the film destined for theaters. This intrigues me immensely. I would love to see this copy and then see the finalized cut. It's the ultimate special edition comparison no one will ever see. How is it paced here and how will it be done in the new cut? What was better in the original and what could have been done better in the new cut? You get the idea. Not many will see this Workprint, that is unless you know your way around a keyboard and few P2P sites you're golden.

This comes as a major shock to the studios and the news as the film is slated for a May 1, 2009 release. It's expected to rake in HUGE bucks and with the release of this Workprint guess what? IT STILL IS. Even if the stories are true about the re-shoots and the added shoots, that the story and plot needs work, the fact that Ryan Reynolds has been given a major role in the film to iron out the kinks or that this will be sold on every street corner in NYC, it doesn't matter. People will flock to this movie like stink on a Pink Panther sequel anyway.


  1. just saw the workprint...even if they add 14 mins. the plot and story remains the same and it is pretty bad. lol...i'm not a fan boy or anything (i like the first 2 xmen)but they butchered the story.

  2. Saw the film today... it's really terrible. Terrible script, weak acting, charters one-dimensional and completely boring. Don't expect any of the magic of the x-men films here. They phoned this one in. They're not going to be able to improve it with any amount of editing and special effects. It's a terminal case.

  3. Yeah i saw it too. It makes me sad inside... We already know the story of wolverine, I wanted more content about the other characters. Ryan Reynolds was great in the 5 seconds he was in it... If they add 14 more minutes, it needs to have everyone except Wolverine IMO. Overall it was an extreme let down. Lets see if they can resurrect the crap they have.

  4. An inconsistently paced, predictable plot filled with cliche after cliche

  5. "An inconsistently paced, predictable plot filled with cliche after cliche."

    You just described two-thirds of the entire summer lineup. While I'm not one to make excuses for lazy filmmakers, I don' believe every film has to be refreshingly original and intellectually stimulating. Sometimes you just want to see big guys beating each other up with things exploding all around them.