Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Theater Threat Alert: 4/25

Weekend ad Movie Threat Level: Blue (Guarded)

Baby Mama – Baby Boom (87) meets The Odd Couple (68). Serious, responsible, intelligent, and completely barren upper-class businesswoman (Tina Fey) hires wild, irresponsible, stupid, and amazingly fertile white trash chick (Amy Poehler) to gestate a tax-deductible dependant for her. The two live together, clash in that wacky ways opposite personalities tend to do on the big screen. Hilarity ensues. But fear not, before the end of the film, the white trash chick will grow up, and the up-tight businesswoman will learn to enjoy life. Who says there aren’t any original ideas left in Hollywood? Leave it to the screenwriter whose claim to fame is the Austin Powers series, Undercover Brother, and the unbelievably live-action Thunderbirds remake to serve us up the same stale crap in a shiny new box.

Deception – The basic plot to this one seems very similar to Ewan McGregor’s earlier suspense thriller remake Nightwatch (97), except he and his untrustworthy new friend are businessmen instead of med students. It better be damn good; Hugh Jackman still has a long way to go before he can be forgiven for Vanhelsing. The copious amounts of nude flesh and steamy bedroom scenes promised by the trailer (Michelle Williams, Maggie Q, and Natasha Henstridge all look promisingly slutty) might dull the aching throb a little.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay – Is it too soon to base a teen stoner comedy around a highly controversial detention center while our government is being exposed for repeatedly violating human, civil, and legal right? Not really. In fact, we could have used this a few years ago. Not sure if the humor of this one-joke title can be sustained, but it can’t be worse than White Chicks. Now if they could promise me a scene involving Chris Tucker being water boarded, I would invite all my friends and spring for the popcorn.

Nothing too scary here, folks. Don't expect much, and you'll probably get through unscathed.

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